In this time of great uncertainty, many organisations face the challenge of overcoming communicational, logistic, technical and other barriers to implementing tasks decisive for the successful continuation of their projects. Though some of the same barriers have hampered and may continue to restrict E2DRIVER’s planned activities, the project has largely been unaffected by the global outbreak of COVID-19. This conclusion was reached at the E2DRIVER General Assembly held online on the 9th and 10th of June 2020, where partners further affirmed the need for alertness to the outbreak and its effect on the project. Current progress and future planning activities, as well as guest appearances by the Project Officer and Advisory Board, were the highlights of the meeting.

E2DRIVER’s Project Officer kicked of the first day’s meeting with his positive review of the project’s progress. Right after that, E2DRIVER partners addressed the successful definition of trainee profiles, the training format and learning platform framework. The presentations continued with an elaboration of upcoming tasks that build strongly upon above-mentioned results. In this light, the finalisation of the training material and training methodology was discussed, and a brief preview of a potential training platform was provided. A highly interesting presentation by the partner POLITO was given on the virtual reality module, which may yet become the most engaging interactive component of the training experience.

The second day started with the presentation of the training and energy benchmarking evaluation process, followed by an explanation of the future implementation process of the E2DRIVER methodology in the 12 pilot companies. An overview of the business and exploitation strategy, and communication and dissemination activities, was provided at the end of the meeting. The day concluded with a general presentation of E2DRIVER to its Advisory Board members who have for the first time gained insight into the project’s dynamic and expressed their support for the E2DRIVER and readiness to spread the word within their networks.

Despite its online format and large audience, the General Assembly was successful insofar as the project received approval from the Project Officer, all partners were updated on all of the project’s activities, constructive feedback was provided for upcoming activities, and the Advisory Board was introduced to E2DRIVER. The next General Assembly will be held in December and, depending on the development of the outbreak, may take place in Torino (Italy), as was originally planned for this meeting. By then, the basic training methodology, learning materials and training platform will already have been either fully fleshed out or close to being completed. As it stands, the project is reaching its targets and is on a good way to make E2DRIVER’s energy efficiency training a reality in the automotive industry.