In June 2019, the E2DRIVER consortium met in Zaragoza, Spain, for the first time at the kick-off meeting. Over 20 partners representing 12 institutions from five countries – Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Belgium – got to know one another on this occasion, starting off the project and exploring the roadmap ahead.

In the one-day meeting, moderated by CIRCE at their headquarters, the technical aspects of the project were initially discussed, after which each major topic of the project was presented. All partners engaged in the discussion on individual roles of potential companies, their engagement, and training and auditing capabilities. Strong emphasis was also placed on the effective communication of the project and the building of networks and an E2DRIVER community to ensure a sustainable future of the E2DRIVER training platform.

Workshop sessions detailing energy consumption patterns in car production processes, the E2DRIVER training platform and methodology as well as the scope of communication activities engaged all partners in a lively discussion about the path forward of E2DRIVER. The strong cooperation within the consortium was encouraging, setting the stage for a great start and successful realisation of the project.

E2DRIVER will run for 36 months, from June 2019 to May 2022.

The E2DRIVER project has launched!