Innovative Teaching Approach

  • Adaptive Learning Environment
  • Ontological Flip Teaching
  • Virtual Reality Modules

Adaptive Learning Environment

The E2DRIVER methodology is based on Adaptive Learning Environments that enable an easy adaptation to different companies and profiles, creating customised training courses and itineraries. To achieve that, every phase of training creation will be conducted in close cooperation with the end users of the training courses in order to gather their expectations and requirements, thus providing a personal training experience adapted to their needs.

This paradigm of adaptation is closely connected to the customization part of the methodology.

E2DRIVER methodology

Ontological Flip Teaching

Flip Teaching or Flipped Classroom seeks that trainees obtain theoretical knowledge by themselves in an individual context, while the practical part and hands-on exercise are performed with the teacher and classmates in a group setting.

Lesson at home

Homework in class

By considering this approach and the latest innovations in this field, E2DRIVER will implement one of the most innovative education paradigms, the Ontological Flip Teaching (Fidalgo-Blanco, Á. et al.), which aims at:

  • Linking the activities carried out by the trainees with the actions developed collectively in class, and
  • Taking advantage of the knowledge generated by trainees for new editions, ensuring a continual and updating improvement of trainings.

Virtual Reality Modules

The training innovation in the E2DRIVER project is not only linked to the methodology of the project, but also to the use of the last technologies in this field, such as virtual reality. The objective is to allow trainees to get to know the energy audit context as well as other aspects connected to energy efficiency in the companies in a realistic way.

E2DRIVER will build two main scenarios where trainees can play the role of energy advisors as well as the company audited.