E2RIVER started in 2019 with the aim of developing a platform for training in energy efficiency for SMEs in the automotive sector. The project composed of 12 partners from Spain, France, Italy, and Germany and is coordinated by the CIRCE Foundation headquarters in Zaragoza.

At its final event, held at Madrid on 10 May 2022, the consortium met to discuss the results and benefits for the participating companies, exploitation and replication opportunities.

During three years of project runtime 35 companies participated in this innovative project helping the project identify 243 energy saving measures of which nearly 130 are under implementation – depending on the “in situ” needs and possibilities of companies. With this approach and its replication potential also for further manufacturing sectors and supply chains E2DRIVER represents an important essential to support the European Green Deals and its aim of greening the industry by avoiding and reducing European greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.

Next to discovering easy implementable and cost-efficient energy efficiency measures in SMEs which when summed up result in very high EU-wide energy saving potential the project has also achieved remarkable social innovations: the participating companies, trainers and trainees stated a changed energy behaviour and energy culture – in the companies but as well individually.

The HORIZON2020 project E2DRIVER with a run time from 2019 to 2022, has now been brought to completion, however, the strong interest in the innovative learning and teaching methodology and materials encourages the project partners to find solutions for a continuation of the jointly established and very successful training platform.

Find more info on E2DRIVER’s news channels YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Final Event of E2DRIVER: Find the presentation of the project coordination (CIRCE) here.


E2DRIVER consortium, Madrid, 10 May 2022