Platform structure

The E2DRIVER platform is the main instrument that the project has at its disposal to increase the collective intelligence of the automotive sector in energy efficiency and energy auditing

Open access learning platform

The platform, created using the learning management system (LMS) Moodle, constitutes an integrated training solution for the automotive sector. It is the physical implementation of the E2DRIVER methodology, so to speak.  It is conceived as a flexible training resource where trainers and companies obtain information about new technologies, innovative processes, self-assessment tools and where they get to share their knowledge on energy-related topics. The platform also includes a training material repository that is being continuously updated, added to and improved upon. By using the platform, stakeholders get to interact with expert trainers and clarify doubts related to energy efficiency or the implementation of energy audits.

The E2DRIVER platform consists of three main segments

Training modules

    • Online lessons and exercises

Repository of contents

    • Storage for all theoretical and practical training materials generated within the project

Project community

    • Networking structure where SMEs can be in contact with large automotive manufacturing companies, energy auditors, energy experts, financing entities, engineering firms and other key players. Click here for more information.

Apart from these features, the platform also offers additional tools for learners:

Project tools

    • Energy audit Self-Assessment Tool and Financial Assessment Tool to evaluate energetic and financial performance

VR session

    • Additional resource to relay practice-oriented knowledge

Platform use

Due to E2DRIVER’s customised learning and ontological flip-teaching (OFT) methods, the platform offers an innovative approach to capacity building.

At the beginning of the process, companies and their employees input their background information, which is assessed by an algorithm that generates personalised training modules. Resources displayed in the modules are drawn from the central learning material storage – the repository of contents. After finishing the modules and exercises, trainees participate in on-site classes where they discuss further energy efficiency related issues and create their own academic work, as per OFT. The next step has trainees return to the platform where they take their final exam. Afterwards, their academic work, which they get to produce after passing the final exam, is uploaded to the repository of contents by E2DRIVER trainers once it has been verified. In a final step, trainees participate in an hour-long VR session to engage with the material in a more practice-oriented way.