Platform structure

The E2DRIVER platform is the main instrument that the project will use in order to increase the collective intelligence of the automotive sector in energy efficiency and energy auditing terms.

The platform provides an open access to:

  • Project training materials: online lessons, guidelines, virtual reality modules and, as conclusion, all theoretical and practical training materials that the project generates.
  • Project tools: to evaluate energetic and financial performance, such as the Energy Audits Self-Assessment Tool and Financial Assessment Tool.
  • Project community: networking structure where SMEs can be in contact with large automotive manufacturing companies, energy auditors, energy experts, financing entities, engineering firms and other key players.
E2DRIVER Community
platform structure

The E2DRIVER platform plays a key role in the whole E2DRIVER methodology development.

  1. Characterization: Platform stores the training materials, as well as the information training companies in order to achieve a successful implementation of the methodology.
  2. Customization: Platform plays a key role in the E2DRIVER customization process, integrating the results obtained by applying the algorithm.
  3. Implementation: Platform is the structure where the online trainings are housed and, furthermore, it supports face-to-face and interactive sessions.
  4. Evaluation: The different companies will register their data in the platform, and they will share information about production, energy consumption, processes and equipment at the beginning the project and at the evaluation phase in order to know real reduction in energy consumption thanks to the project. Besides, the platform houses successful interventions for replication.

As it can be deduced from this information, the E2DRIVER platform constitutes an integrated training solution for the automotive sector, which has the capacity to maintain a continuously improving and updating training material repository and training methodology, thanks to the implementation of the Ontological Flip Teaching approach. It is conceived as a flexible training resource where trainers and companies will get information about new technologies, innovative process and self-assessment tools, share knowledge and where stakeholders will get in touch with experts or trainers and solve doubts related to energy efficiency or the implementation of an energy audit.

E2DRIVER methodology