This paper analyses challenges and opportunities for improving energy efficiency in Small and Medium Enterprises by reviewing research design and results out of seven European Projects: Speedier, SMEmPower Efficiency, E2Driver, Innoveas, Triple-A, DEESME and ICCEE. These projects aim to improve the awareness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and support an effective decision-making oriented to improving energy efficiency. These projects conducted research by means of surveys, focused group discussions and interviews to gain knowledge from the
stakeholders about the drivers and the barriers to energy efficiency improvements in SMEs in several European countries and various industrial sectors. Results of the performed research showed that staff trainings, facilitation of energy audits, development of corporate policy measures and collaboration between SMEs involved in the same supply chain, are key methods to  succeed in improving the uptake of energy efficiency measures in SMEs, thereby unlocking the large potential of achieving higher energy savings and energy cost reductions.

Link to article: https://e2driver.eu/enef-d-22-00195/