E2DRIVER methodology

e2d methodology

E2DRIVER methodology


  • Provision of a benchmarking analysis.
  • Alignment with the companies needs and expectations.
  • Measurement and analysis of the current situation of trained companies.
  • Identification of profiles within the company.

In this first step, E2DRIVER project collects information about the automotive sector, the companies and previous training programmes, seeking the collection of the needed inputs to adapt trainings to each company and profile, depending their needs and interests.


  • Adaptation to the requirements and specifications of companies.
  • Development of specific training plan itineraries.
  • Selection of training materials of relevance for each profile.
  • Definition of the overall implementation plan and itinerary.

Considering available training materials and company / profile needs and interest, the customization process is performed.


  • Engagement of trainees from the company staff.
  • Implementation of introductory sessions and lessons.
  • Implementation of the specific training.
  • Implementation of interactive workshops.

Ones the itineraries are defined for each company and profile, the training are implemented.

Type of trainings


  • Review the proposed training and actions implemented.
  • Facilitate the use of the project tools.
  • Introduction of improvements and methodology updating.
  • Feedback to the E2DRIVER platform and materials.

Finally, the assessment of the trainings and their impacts is performed, looking for inputs which improve the training, the methodology and the materials.