We have some exciting news for you this week!

As the first version of the E2DRIVER platform is being finalised, our partners at POLITO have successfully developed an excellent new learning tool in the meantime that complements the platform’s training modules – a virtual reality (VR) training session.

The VR session, developed in the Unity software, is a great addition to the main E2DRIVER capacity building programme. It has been conceived as a module that can be activated as needed according to the adaptive strategy. In other words, it is accessible via the E2DRIVER platform as a standalone tool.

Apart from adding a highly engaging and interactive aspect to the E2DRIVER learning protocol, VR technology was selected for two other reasons. First, given that the topic covered in the VR module relates to electric cabinets, the VR tool provides a safe environment to recreate realistic scenarios that would be considered impractical and dangerous otherwise. Second, VR provides trainees with the opportunity to engage with physical hands-on experiences to gain understanding of their company’s performance of energy audits.

The VR training session has been conceived as a “game with a purpose” where trainees are immersed in a 3D world. They are instructed to perform a set of measurements by interacting with their surroundings, whereafter they are evaluated on their performance. The environment is transferable to different companies and settings, and it could be modified to become an augmented reality (AR) training session.

For more information about the tool, its guided and evaluated interactive scenarios, the module’s design and looks, the outcome and report of the VR training session and how it all relates to the E2DRIVER learning platform, refer to our project deliverable.

See here how the VR session looks in action!