In December 2019, twelve pilot companies have confirmed their participation in E2DRIVER’s training programme on energy efficiency. Almost all companies involved are small or medium enterprises, with one being considered a large enterprise based on EU classification. Nonetheless, all of the companies face similar challenges and are able to meaningfully contribute to energy efficiency in their sector by learning about energy audits and implementing energy measures in their facilities. In general, these companies have high energy costs in relation to their total costs, many of them represent a large share of their supply chain and they have clearly defined organisational roles. This general description characterises the companies quite well. But who are the pilot companies that are participating in E2DRIVER and where do they come from?

E2DRIVER’s pilot companies

The pilot companies are 12 firms from four European countries – Germany, Spain, Italy and France – that are determined to invest their time and effort to learn about energy audits and the best ways to curb energy consumption in their factories. This dedication may earn them the status of forward-looking and environmentally conscious enterprises, certainly a commendable achievement. The E2DRIVER enterprises are:

Company Country Production activities
F.O.M.T. (Fonderie Officine Meccaniche Tonno)

IT Engine, pump and alternator brackets, pipes, fittings and manifolds using gravity and high pressure die casting technology

IT Nanotechnologies Sol-gel ceramic materials and coatings, high vacuum metallisation, chemical metallisation on plastics, automatic painting systems, laser marking

IT Design and manufacture of leaf springs for industrial and commercial vehicles

FR Silicon and silicon carbide
nanopowders for mechanical reinforcement of materials using laser pyrolyse and the plasma process

FR Plastic transforming by extrusion blow moulding and injection combined within the framework of creating complete sets: tanks, air and inlet ducts, structural and protective elements, tubes and gaiters, and others

FR Industrialisation and the sale of technical components manufactured by plastic injection and automated assembly for the automotive industry

ES Design and production of Oxygen Sensors, MAP Sensors, Exhaust Pressure Sensors, Timing and Revolution Sensors, Wheel Speed Sensors (ABS), Oil Pressure Switches and Transmitters and other products for the automotive market

ES Plastic transformation (horizontal injection moulding, vertical injection moulding, bi-injection / bi-material moulding, blow moulding, gas-assisted injection moulding, extrusion), aluminium casting & painting

ES Manufacture of technical parts by thermoplastic injection moulding.

DE Prototyping, producing turned parts, CAD-services as well as milling of metals and assembly services
Müller Spot Plating GmbH

DE Surface plating of solid and stamped strips, and plating of stamped, turned, milled and laser-cut parts


Metal machining; metalworks such as distribution and protective cabinets and punched parts

This information provides initial insights into E2DRIVER’s pilot firms. Upcoming information about them will feature a brief description of the companies’ day-to-day activities and how they relate to energy consumption, and their reasons for wanting to contribute to the overall reduction in energy consumption in the automotive sector. In a four-part series that will be published in the E2DRIVER newsletter, the website and mentioned on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages, the pilot companies will have the chance to prove that small, medium-sized and large enterprises from the automotive sector are willing to take on the task of combating climate change and contributing to a habitable future.

Update on March 31, 2021: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, VAUSTE SPAIN will no longer be able to particpate in the E2DRIVER training as a pilot company. A new replacement pilot company from Spain was therefore included. The name of the company is GRUPO TEKNIA.