Livrables du projet

DLV No Deliverable name Dissemination level
D1.1 Project Handbook CO
D1.2 Project Management collaborative space guide CO
D1.3 First progress report CO
D1.4 Data management plan mid-term report PU
D1.5 Second progress report CO
D1.6 Data management plan final report PU
D2.1 Benchmarking baseline report PU
D2.2 E2DRIVER trainees’ target group definition PU
D2.3 E2DRIVER platform specifications CO
D2.4 Capacity building programme PU
D3.1 Repository containing guidelines, recommendations and other training material PU
D3.2 E2DRIVER training methodlogy PU
D3.3 Customized training plan tool CO
D3.4 Virtual reality training material PU
D3.5 E2DRIVER platform PU
D3.6 Monitoring and evaluation plan PU
D4.1 Compilation of pilot companies’ characteristics and staff profiles CO
D4.2 Customized training plans for the pilot companies CO
D4.3 Preliminary results from implementing the E2DRIVER methodology CO
D4.4 Methodology and training material report PU
D4.5 Certification of E2DRIVER trainers PU
D4.6 Gathering of results from the implementation phase CO
D4.7 Compilation of energy efficiency improvements on E2DRIVER tracking tool CO
D5.1 Overall evaluation report of E2DRIVER capacity building programme PU
D5.2 Best Practices Guideline and recommendations for the automotive sector PU
D5.3 E2DRIVER impact and replicability assessment PU
D5.4 Market landscape and potential CO
D5.5 Market uptake business plans for E2DRIVER results CO
D5.6 Exploitation plan and replication strategy CO
D6.1 Project website operative PU
D6.2 Mid-term list of companies involved in the training CO
D6.3 Communication and dissemination plan 1st version PU
D6.4 Communication and dissemination plan 2nd version PU
D6.5 Mid-term project dissemination and communication material PU
D6.6 Mid-term report on communication and dissemination activities PU
D6.7 Communication and dissemination plan 3rd version PU
D6.8 Final list of companies involved in the training CO
D6.9 List of potentially interested companies and stakeholders CO
D6.10 Communication and dissemination plan final version PU
D6.11 Final project dissemination and communication material PU
D6.12 Production and distribution of E2DRIVER videos PU
D6.13 Final report on communication and dissemination activities PU

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