On December 10 and 11, 2019, the work package leaders of the E2DRIVER consortium met in Berlin for a steering committee meeting organised by EPC. The goal of the meeting was to discuss developments that have taken place over the past six months, future plans for upcoming tasks, and to receive input about the best course of action in planning for future activities.

While the first day focused on administrative issues and communication and dissemination activities, the second day’s subjects revolved around more technical aspects of the project. Both days saw lively discussions on the topics presented. On the first day, partners provided their input regarding the dissemination of deliverables, where a structure and messaging strategy was established to communicate the main points more clearly. In addition, partners voiced their opinion on E2DRIVER-related workshops, concluding that they should attract larger audiences, potentially be part of other events, and have tangible, presentable results to interest target audiences like automotive companies or energy experts in potential involvement in the project. The second day, focusing on more technical aspects of the projects, saw the discussion turn to the appropriate use of the companies’ energy and organisational data to create an adequate learning platform and to assess which training materials would be most interesting to pilot companies. In terms of the platform, value was placed on easily accessible information and flexible use of the platform and its courses. Finally, a very interesting analysis was had about the utilisation of virtual reality technologies. The possibilities to explore this realm of teaching are immense, warranting high engagement by participating trainees.

The two-day meeting, held in Berlin’s historic street ‘Unter den Linden’, saw a great display of consortial engagement, an encouraging sign of future cooperation and successful realisation of the project’s goals. The next project-internal meeting – the General Assembly – will be held next June in Torino, where all consortium partners will gather to discuss the latest results, upcoming activities and prepare for the challenges ahead.