After months of assiduous work, we are happy to announce that a major milestone of the project has been achieved – the E2DRIVER platform has gone online!

When the project started in June 2019, the E2DRIVER team understood that in order to successfully develop the e-learning platform, many different puzzle pieces needed to come together perfectly. From the creation of training materials to the formulation of the E2DRIVER methodology, it took careful planning to unify these concepts within the platform. And now, we are proud to finally unveil the result of many months’ worth of hard work!

Login screen of the E2DRIVER platform

Developed in the open-source learning management system Moodle, the E2DRIVER platform offers numerous features to new learners from the automotive industry interested in implementing energy audits and energy efficiency measures. Its main strength lies in the adaptability of the main training course to the skillset and motivations of employees and managers from automotive companies.

In order to participate in the tailor-made courses, trainees first need to complete a simple SCORM survey, which unlocks the appropriate training path for them. There are 4 different training paths that trainees can be sorted into: Managers, Technical managers, Science and Engineering professionals and Change agents. For the duration of the course, trainees are able to interact with energy trainers to resolve any ambiguities and doubts during scheduled sessions.

E2DRIVER Training paths

The platform furthermore contains a storage hub for all training resources, which supplies the training courses with content. The repository hosts over 200 learning resources in five languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian and French). The content there is classified by target group, difficulty level and other criteria. After the completion of the course, trainees will be able to add their own academic work to the repository after it has been verified by a trainer.

Brief overview of the Repository of contents

In addition to the courses and the repository, the platform offers a few more interesting features that enrich the learning experience of trainees. For one, an interactive set of tools offers an assessment of the effect of the E2DRIVER training on various financial and energy parameters. The tools come in the form of downloadable files that can be used offline. This way, each company’s data is not stored online, ensuring confidentiality of information. Moreover, a supplementary 1-hour VR session is linked to the platform. Performed in an external app, the VR session offers additional learning resources that complement existing training available on the platform.

Energy self-assessment tool

Anyone who wishes to know more about the goings-on in the area of automotive energy efficiency (EE) can become a part of the E2DRIVER community and expand their network of EE professionals. A special community forum has been created specifically for the purpose of inciting engagement, discussions and learning in the area of energy efficiency. Non-industry actors, such as businesspeople, energy efficiency experts, professional trainers and policy actors, can greatly benefit from the resources found in the forum, while at the same time contributing to the E2DRIVER community, increasing the knowledge base and propelling new, innovative ideas.

E2DRIVER Community and networking forum

The platform will initially be used by the 12 pilot companies that declared their interest to participate in E2DRIVER’s capacity building programme. At a later stage, 28 further replication companies will engage with a newer version of platform that will be updated based on prior user experiences.

Take a peek at the platform here. We welcome you to the novel E2DRIVER training programme. A new learning and networking experience awaits!